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Contact: debsinha@mtu.edu

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Dickinson College.

I welcome opportunities related to:

  • Teaching and/or Research positions in Geography and Environmental Studies disciplines

  • Research and Management positions in Environmental Monitoring and Remediation

  • Editorial positions in Academic Publishing

  • GIS Analyst or Technician positions in private or public organizations

At undergraduate institutions, I identify with the Liberal Arts curriculum in Geography and Environmental Studies. My graduate research and teaching experience is located at the intersection of environment and development, environmental history, and geospatial (GIS/RS) analysis.

My recent professional experience includes a Visiting Research Fellow position at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, an Assistant Professor of Geography position at Michigan Technological University and a Geography Instructor position at Temple University. My doctoral dissertation focused on the environmental consequences of industrial mode of economic development.

I have graduate degrees in Geography (Ph.D., 2009) from Clark University, Ecology (M.S., 1998) from Pondicherry University, and Geography (M.A., 2003) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I received an undergraduate degree in Zoology (B.Sc., 1996) from Hindu College, University of Delhi.


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  • Deb Ranjan Sinha (2010) Book Review: Polluted and Dangerous: America's Worst Abandoned Properties and What Can Be Done About Them by J. B. Hollander. The Northeastern Geographer, Vol. 2, 119-120. download

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  • Deb Ranjan Sinha (2010) The Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis and Legacy Pollution: A Geohistorical Analysis of the Environmental Consequences of Industrialization in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA). The Industrial Geographer, Vol. 7(1), 1-18. download

  • Timothy J. Downs, Laurie Ross, Suzanne Patton, Sarah Rulnick, Deb Ranjan Sinha, Danielle Mucciarone, Maria Calvache, Sarah Parmenter, Rajendra Subedi, Donna Wysokenski, Erin Anderson, Rebecca Dezan, Kate Lowe, Jennifer Bowen, Amee Tejani, Kelly Piersanti, Octavia Taylor, Robert Goble (2009) Complexities of holistic community-based participatory research for a low income, multi-ethnic population exposed to multiple built-environment stressors in Worcester, Massachusetts. Environmental Research, Vol. 109 (8), 1028-1040. download

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2012 - Asia: proving ground for global sustainability. Planet under Pressure, London.

2012 - Thinking about Environmental Sustainability - Lessons from the USA and Japan. 79 th RIHN Seminar, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto.

2012 - (Commentary) ‘Agro-megacities’? The role of farming for sustainable development of mega-urban regions. Megacities and Global Environment Project, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto.

2011 - (Commentary) High-altitude environments. Seminar: Ecosindemias y Ecosalud, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima.

2010 - Environment and Development: An Uneasy Balance. Round Table: The Impact of Global Economy on the Ecosystems of the Peruvian Amazon and the Indigenous People, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima.

2010 - Urban Environmental Issues. Department of Architecture, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima.

2009 - The Socio-Spatial Limits to Community-based Forestry in the Nepal Terai. Session – Sovereign Natures: Un/bounding Political Ecologies I: Sovereignty, Citizenship and Governmentality, AAG, Las Vegas

2008 - Prosperity Without Pollution? A Critique of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis. Session – Urban Change and Regional Economic Development, AAG, Boston.

2006 - Use of GIS for Mapping Health Data. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester.

2006 - Locating Brownfields in the City of Worcester. Clark University, Worcester.

2005 & 2006 - City of Worcester GIS Brownfield Database, GIS-Based Brownfield Query and Analysis Prototype. Mayor’s Brownfield Roundtable, Worcester.

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